Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sicilian Wine Bottle or Pennsylvania German Water Bottle? Any Ideas?

Kari sent me these images of a wooden bottle that was once owned by her Grandmother. She had seen the previous images of various water bottles I have posted on this blog and is looking for information on this bottle. To me it looks very much Pennsylvania German, 18th century, but Kari found a tag tied to the handle indicating it might be a Sicilian wine bottle. What do you think?
I know there are a lot of knowledgable people that follow this blog from all walks of life. So if any of you can help identify this bottle I would be most grateful.

Below is the 18th century Pennsylvania German water bottle.

These look very similar to me. Note the bird carving.


Gorges Smythe said...

I'd vote German.

Keith said...

Yes Gorges, me too.

px318877168 said...

Wow I can't beleave that someone out there has one of these also. When my gramps passed away me and my dad cleaned out his house and in the attic he had 3 of these they all had the same basic shape but differant carvings on them. In one of the canisters attached to the cap with a jute twine type string was a rolled up piece of paper with a story about it and and the guys name, in the story tells about the guy who made it but the guy made cuckoo clocks and did them for fun! From what some people I showed one to there worth a lot of money. There in my dads attic now, I'll try to dig them up and I'll post his name

Keith said...

What a find px! Thank you for this comment, looking forward to hearing from you again.
Regards, Keith.

Leatherworking Reverend said...

I like the way the ends are carved to look like the ends of the leather ones. My vote's for German also.

Keith said...

Yes, I was thinking of the leather ones myself.