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Belt Bag, Shot Pouch & Cartridge Box Primary Documentation.

Bag, pouch, belt bag, belt pouch.

Shot pouch, shot bag.

Cartouche box or cartridge box.
Shot bag or shot pouch for goose shot.

Large shot pouch or shot bag for bird shot.

Ball bag or ball pouch for ball.

Small shot bag or shot pouch for bird shot.

For those of you who may be confused with the different names used to describe a pouch or bag, the simple fact is that in the 18th century they used these terms interchangeably, just as we do now, so you could have a shot pouch, or a shot bag, or even a ball bag or a ball pouch & they may or may not be all the same thing!

Shot Pouch Documentation.

SHOT [fcfcot, Du.] the going out or reach of a Bow, Gun, Jjr. as far as it can carry ; all Sorts of Bullets for Fire t Arms.
CARTOOSE  [ Cartouche, F. ] CARTOUCH , CARTRIDGE ] A charge of powder put into a Paper Cafe, exactly fitted to the Muzzel of the Gun, O"c.
BAG [Bcljje, Sa\. En>^a, L.] a Sack oc Pouch.
POUCH [Pocca, Sax. Pochette, ?.] Bag or Purie.
BELT [Belt, S**.] a Girt to hang i Sword by : A Ho a Difcafc in Sheep.
BOX [Boxe, SaK.} a wooden Cheft or )ffcr. BOX [of Bofejieop, Sax.] the Wood of the Box-tree.
CASE  a little Box, or Covering to put any thing in.
\ BALL fjl&al, Beln."] any round thing.
18th century dictionary.

Belt Bag or Belt Pouch Documentation.

16th century term for the girdle pouch.
The Dictionary of Fashion History
By Valerie Cumming, C. W. Cunnington, P. E. Cunnington

Tasche or Beutel are the German words for bag or purse, and when looking at artwork from 16th c Germany there are lots of purses to be seen on men, women and children. Small ones, big ones, hanging low from belts, others securely fastened to the belt.
BAG  a Sack or Pouch.
POUCH  Bag or Purse.
BELT [Belt, S**.] a Girt to hang a Sword by : Also a Difeafe in Sheep.

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