Saturday 29 September 2018

Please Sign This Petition. Muzzle-loading Pistols Other Than Percussion on Less Restrictive Licence.

I wrote to Adam Marshal seeking his help in changing these pointless & ridiculous gun laws concerning muzzle-loading pistols. A flintlock muzzle-loading pistol & a Wheelock pistol both require a piece of rock (stone) to enable them to fire. These pistols are very primitive, single shot, slow to load, most have no sights, smoothbore & not very accurate. Criminals do not use them because most of them don't know how to use them, & they can be difficult to use.
Adam Marshal simply passed on my request & the Police Commissioner replied that he had no intention of changing this law. Obviously this is NOT about public safety; this is about a law made out of ignorance & no thought regarding the people who love using these primitive tools as a hobby.
It is not good enough that the government can make a mistake in making a law, & then refuse to correct that mistake just because they can't be bothered! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. 

The French 1777 flintlock pistol in action

Saturday 8 September 2018

More on Fire Bags or Flint & Steel Pouches.

Cheyenne fire bag.
Eskimo fire bag.
18th century Finnish fire pouch.
18th century Finnish fire pouch.
19th century Finnish fire pouch.
Undated Finnish fire pouch.