Wednesday 20 September 2017

The Flintlock Fusil.

Help Dave get his guns back

David Dunstan is a farmer from the NSW town of Bungowannah. 

At 3:30am on Thursday 14th September, a man armed with a knife and piece of wood knocked on his back door.

David grabbed his unloaded 22 rifle to confront him - aware that the man had earlier confronted one if his neighbours who scared him off with a hockey stick. Dave managed to convince the man to sit in his car and drive him to the police station, while his wife called the police.

The police met David halfway down his driveway and placed his unwelcome guest under arrest.

The problem is, the police paid David another visit later in the morning to take his guns off him!

We've been working with David to try and see what can be done.  So we're starting this campaign to help him hire a lawyer who specialises in NSW firearms legislation to get his guns back.

We'd like to go further - we reckon he should be compensated for the loss of his firearms, not for his benefit, but to make a stand against this type of treatment by NSW Police.

So please help our campaign to help David get the legal representation he needs - and score a win on behalf of all shooters.
Help spread the word!

Saturday 16 September 2017

Thursday 7 September 2017

Diderot Search for 18th century items & Trades.


Technological Adaptation on the Frontier: An Examination of Blacksmithing at Fort Michilimackinac, 1715-1781

Author's 18th century fire steel.

Pots, Kettles & Dutch Ovens. A Link.

Skinning & Butchering Game By Keith H Burgess Part Two

Skinning & Butchering Game By Keith H Burgess Part One

Swedish King's 'forgotten' 17th-century warship found in central Stockholm

Stefan Płużański's painting of the Battle of Oliwa in 1627, in which Scepter may have participated. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Monday 4 September 2017

Sunday 3 September 2017

Australian Arms Auction.

Author's pistol and image.

There are some nice flintlocks & other arms in this catalogue. If I had not already got all I need, I would seriously be considering getting some of the items in this catalogue.
Remember, no licence required for antique flintlock firearms in NSW (elsewhere check you firearms regs).

Black Powder Firearms Laws In Poland Vs Australia.

Here in Australia we have to have a Firearms licence & pass a firearms test to obtain that licence. A permit to purchase, & we have to register all guns including replica muzzle-loading guns. A replica muzzle-loading gun is the same as an identical antique muzzle-loading gun, no difference. It still loads from the muzzle, it still relies on a flint lock for ignition. But in Poland, which has the most stringent firearms laws in the world, you do not require a permit to purchase, a licence or registration. Only the gunpowder needs to be registered.

Blackpowder not integrated cartridge guns, if manufactured before 1885, and their replicas also multiple shot revolvers (separable loading only) are available without any restrictions (Owner must to be over 18). They are also permitted to be owned, used, and carried (You name it) loaded without any permits. Curiously though, the purchase of the blackpowder requires registration.