Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Making A Leather Drawstring Pouch.

I needed to make a new larger pouch for my medical kit so that I could add some extra items, so I decided to make this video. I realise that this is a simple process, but that is probably because we have done this before. I have noticed quite a few people have made shot pouches with the stitching on the outside. For a repair this does not look too bad in some cases, but in a new pouch it can look strange. Some of my gunpowder bags have the stitching on the outside, but this is hardly noticed as the leather is thin and soft, and the stitches close and small. It is a personal choice I guess, but in shot pouches I have yet to see an original that has not been turned with the stitching on the outside.

Several people have contacted me and said that leather is very costly, and where do I get my leather from. Most of the leather items I make come from second hand leather, purchsed from an op-shop such as St Vincent De Paul, or the Salvation Army op-shop. It usually only costs a few dollars for a decent sized piece. The pouch in this video was made from a leather mini skirt!

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