Saturday, 30 March 2013

Which is Which?

Some of these flintlock pistols are reproductions and some are antiques, can you tell which is which? The NSW police commissioner can't, and neither can the local police. In fact the majority if not all of the local police don't even know what a muzzle-loader is and have no interest in them. Recently when I tried to hand in an illegal reproduction muzzle-loading pistol they told me they were not interested and told me to take it home again!!!
So if the police don't care, and the commissioner of police can't tell an antique from a non antique, why are we being given a hard time over this issue? Why can we own, but not use an antique gun without license, without registration and without a permit to purchase, and yet we can not own a copy of an antique flintlock pistol without an "H" class license (!), registration and a permit to purchase?! I mean these are one and the same except for the manufacturing date.
So this is an open letter to the NSW Police Commissioner. Sir, can you tell the difference? And if so what is the difference? what is the difference between flintlocks made after 1900ad and flintlocks made before 1900ad ? Why are post 1900ad flintlocks classed the same as breech-loading semi-autos and revolvers and pre 1900ad flintlock pistols are not? I would really like to know. I mean if I am not allowed to legally own one, I would like to know why.

If you chose number 2 as a reproduction, sorry but you are wrong. It does look different, but it is an original. This you see is how absolutely stupid the NSW firearms legislation is regarding flintlock firearms. I had to take mine to a gunsmith to get them authenticated because the police officer who checked my guns could not tell a breech-loader from a muzzle-loader or an antique from a non antique. So here they are giving me a hard time over my antique long guns, and at the same time telling me to take an illegal repro back home with me because they did not want it! They are not even going to charge the chap who illegally sent it to me claiming it was an antique!!!

So what people say is absolutely true, the police are actually protecting the criminals and yet persecuting honest law abiding citizens. Just what in hell are we supposed to do about that?


Gorges Smythe said...

What you're supposed to do about it is the same thing that Americans refuse to do - vote the b_st_rds out that run the country. Unfortunately, that would require intelligence on the part of over half the voters, and that is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's the same problem, lack of intelligence from the majority, not refusal. Secondly, we don't have the issues that Keith has here in the US. I can get a repro with out a permit and such. Our general gun laws are much less restrictive.

I feel for ya Keith, I really do. Some people are just plain stupid and are not willing to educate themselves.

Cincinnatus said...

The reason why we can't comprehend the reason, is it is poorly crafted legislation. I second Gorges. They're too lazy (and I hope not duplicitous) to write good legislation and we (collectively) are too blind and lazy to vote them out!

Keith said...

Getting all the Australian gun owners together on amending the firearms legislation is a problem. Many leave it up to the various associations. The biggest over here is probably the S.S.A.A., but they are about as useful as teats on a bull. They are too busy thinking about how they can use the gun restrictions to their own favour, rather than making sure it does not happen in the first place.