Wednesday, 3 October 2018

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. The legal right to use muzzle-loading pistols!

In Australia we are not allowed to use any muzzle-loading pistol off the range. The licence required to purchase & use these primitive tools is a restricted "H" class licence which will only be issued to people who belong to an approved pistol club & they are ONLY allowed to use this pistol on the club range.

Living Historians are not allowed to use a muzzle-loading pistol in their Living History activities, even if they have an "H" class licence.
This petition I have started is simply asking the government to place these muzzle-loading pistols on a less restrictive licence along with muzzle-loading longarms. I am not asking for a weakening of gun control laws, the pistol would still require a licence & registration.
Criminals do not & would not use these primitive tools to commit a crime, they don't know how to use them, they can be unreliable. It is far easier for a criminal to cut down a modern long gun or to purchase some water pipe from the plumber's & make a simple shotgun.

The majority of gun owners in Australia own breach-loaders, & they have no interest in muzzle-loaders. For this reason the majority of these Australian gun owners will not, do not, bother to sign this petition!!! Yes, the Australian gun owners fraternity is fractured, because of this we have already lost the right to own semi-automatic & pump action longarms. The government confiscated. This is the thin end of the wedge, there will be more firearms restrictions in the future I am sure. Once a law is passed, it is difficult to get it reversed!

 The only reason that the government have restricted the use of muzzle-loading pistols is because of their total ignorance in the first place, & in the second place they simply can't be bothered to reverse their decision! So PLEASE, sign this petition.
Regards, Keith.

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