Friday, 17 March 2017

Banned from Facebook, can you please share this post on Facebook for me?

Yesterday I made a comment on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook regarding a video that I did not think was suitable. The group is a public group & to my mind the video was not within the aims of the group, which is to promote sensible gun ownership & laws & to try & explain to the average Australian citizen why it is that we need to own guns & hopefully show them that the present gun laws are not stopping crime & the continued war on law abiding licensed gun owners will not make the public safe. The person who posted the video did not take kindly to my comment & got personal & rude.

Now I am not saying that this person has reported my membership in retaliation, this may be nothing to do with me being struck off Facebook. However, I am now unable to continue posting on Facebook & that also means that I am no longer able to manage the 18th century Living History group I started. If someone could please post this blog link to Facebook I would very much appreciate it, I hate to think that people may think I am ignoring their comments & requests for membership.
Thank you.
Regards, Keith H. Burgess.


Gorges Smythe said...

Did so.

Keith said...

Thanks Gorges, much appreciated.
Regards, Keith.

Sara Seydak said...

WTF??? How did this happen???
I have been banned from posting for 3 days, specially after trying to upload videos that had copy rights, but I never heard of banned from FB entirely...
How many days ago was this?
I had noticed 1 person less on my friends list.
Send me a message on my blog, please, I will not post it.

Strong-Oak said...

Keith, this is absolutely absurd! So they are banning people for politics now? You're a kind man and I've always seen you act with temperance rather than negativity. I've learned a lot from you. You've never met me, but it's true that you are a big part of Native Americans rediscovering their heritage. You deserve an award,not a ban.

John Toa said...

Hey Keith,
it's me John Kanaka from Germany. I was really worried about you as I just get that something happened to you. I am really glad you are fine!

How can we help you getting back into facebook and your goup(s). I will send you an eMail so you have mine. I am looking foreward to help you as much as possible. Just send me an eMail.

All the best, John

Keith said...

Good to hear from you Strong-Oak, & many thanks for your kind words.
Sincere regards, Keith.

Keith said...

John Kanaka. Good to hear from you John. I can't find your email mate. Not to worry. They are not going to let me back on Facebook no matter what you do, & I am tired of jumping through their cooked up hoops.
Sincere regards, Keith.