Friday, 14 October 2016

Scavenger Crew Careening Encampment.

The Crew of the Scavenger is hosting a living history encampment on an island, just South of Marco Island, on Florida's West coast, this coming January 13th through 16th. It is basically a pirate shore camp, or careening camp, taking place in the year 1717.
This is the first of what we hope will be a yearly event. There are no spectators, this is purely for reenactors and living history folks. All kits must be historically based, from the clothes you wear to the camp you set up. We have a set of authenticity guidelines, and are trying to avoid hollywood tropes at all costs.
We will be boating out to the island. Though we will be loosely concentrated on the southern tip, everyone will be selecting their own campsite. There are no facilities, no water, no food, and no entertainment provided. You must haul in whatever supplies you need, including a mandatory 5 gallons of water.Modern medications, and toiletries, must stay hidden from sight. Try to avoid bringing other modernities.
Not trying to scare anyone off, but I don't want to provide a false impression of what this encampment will be like. It will be rough, but therein lies the fun.


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