Monday, 24 January 2011

Native Shelters In The Two New Worlds.

The shelters that look better made I think must be more permanent shelters, where as the rough looking ones are probably hunting shelters. With so little information available it is difficult to say.

An Australian Mia, a woodland shelter.

An Iroquois woodland shelter.

Aust. woodland shelter.

Aust. Rainforest shelter.

Plymouth woodlan shelter.

A hunter's shelter in an American forest.


Aust. forest shelter.

Aust. rainforest shelter.

Cloggs cave in the Australian Alps, Snowy Mountains.
Australian Aboriginal people are still using these types of shelters today in some areas. I lived in an Aboriginal reserve in Arnham Land for two months in 1973, and the whole reserve was made up of these shelters.


Hutch said...

I have made several shelters in my life. Fairly good ones, too, that lasted more than a couple years of neglect. I was up in Connecticut a few years back, and the remnants of a shelter I built almost a decade earlier was still there. No longer waterproof, but still there. I built it when I was probably 15, soon after I bought the book, "Naked into the Wilderness", by John MacPherson.

Le Loup said...

You're right hutch, these shelters last for ages. My forest it littered with them!
Those are good books, I have not spoken to John & Geri in ages, but I used to review their books for them here in Australia.

Hutch said...

That's way cool. He wrote me a letter back in the early 90's, that was lost in my relocation from Connecticut back out west. I wish he'd write more, but I guess actually living as he does, plus the additional classes he teaches to the SF and such, he's a little short on time for books. Understandable. In any event, they are great reads. Before picking up his books, I was merely a kid who liked history and camping. It never occurred to me before reading that I could actually DO the things I read about. Here I am now, and I do enjoy picking your brain as well. Thanks for all you're doin, I do hope you keep it up, and I plan on buyin your book soon...it's my next book purchase.

Le Loup said...

Hutch. Even though I had been writing for some years for magazines, both here and overseas, it was John & geri's books that encouraged me to write my own. Their books are simply written and easy to understand. I hope my books match up to theirs.
I would very much appreciate your opinion on my book when you have read it.
Regards, Keith/Le Loup.