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You were recently nominated as a biographical candidate to be featured in the 2020 Who’s Who in America

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You were recently nominated as a biographical candidate to be featured in the 2020 Who’s Who in America- the best-known, most trusted biographical resource on America’s most accomplished individuals since 1898.

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 It has been many years since I first started making adds for radio & television in my own sound recording studio in the Territory. That all got blown away in cyclone Tracey in 74, & I moved out bush off grid. I was up there for 10 years, then decided to move to a cooler climate in New England, & that is where I am now, still off grid. When I started writing for local & overseas magazines, I could not type, so everything was written by hand in upper case. The magazines still accepted my articles. Then I got a typewriter & learnt to two finger type, I never have got a handle on real typing. Then came the computer run off solar power. I eventually gave up writing for magazines &having to keep to a deadline, & I wrote three books. The first book, Primitive Fire Lighting-Flint & Steel  I published myself, there is not much of a market for specialty books like this, especially in Australia, & I gave up trying to find a publisher.  The second book, Flint & Steel  & Fire Bow was published by LuLu Publishing, but it did not sell well in hard copy, so the publishers downgraded it to an Ebook, & that is still available. The third book, The 18th Century Woodsman never got published, it remains on my computer. I was considering producing it in PDF form, but I have not got round to it.

Then I started making videos, & I think I enjoy making videos more than I enjoy writing, but of course I still write for my blogs & for our group’s online forum.
I am very pleased that I was nominated as a biographical candidate to be featured in the 2020 Who’s Who in America, & I give my sincere thanks to those people who nominated me, but I have declined the offer. Frankly even if I were to win this nomination, which I honestly do not think I would, the recognition would be of no use to me (it feels good to get nominated, so I will quite while I am ahead ). So I will close this post with some images of myself starting in the Territory & finishing where I am now. My sincere thanks to all those people who follow my blogs & my video channel, it is sincerely appreciated.
Regards, Keith.

My wife to be & I in the recording studio.
This was when I stated writing for Archery action, later the editor changed the name of the magazine to better include my articles, & it was name Archery Action with Outdoor Connections.
I started teaching primitive skills about the same time I started writing. This was taken at the Lynchwood Scout Camp in Tamworth NSW.
I used my writing to promote 18th century living history worldwide, this is me at a festival in Armidale NSW.

My Ebook info Here: 

Something Splashing This Way Comes by John Buxton

Something Splashing This Way Comes by John Buxton