Monday, 21 January 2013

Supplies for a French Mission. Part One.

Although this is a list of supplies required for the running of a French mission, for those of us more interested in other interpretations it does give us some insight into what this person considers necessary supplies for the people living and working in a wilderness situation.

"This is a group of letters addressed
to Jean de Lamberville, agent in France for the
Canada missions. The first is an invoice, probably-
written by Gravier, of the supplies necessary for the
Illinois missions for the year 1702. The distressed
condition of the laborers therein is energetically
described, and relief for their poverty is urgently
requested. The supplies desired include articles of
clothing; conveniences like pins, twine, thread,
paper, razors, etc. ; a few household utensils ; medi-
cines, food, wine, etc.; material for hoods for
protection against mosquitoes ; ammunition and nails ;
vermilion, beads, rings, etc., for the Indians; "six
ells of stuff for capotes, to make Breech-clouts;"
also tobacco and agricultural tools".


For my part, I am in good health, but I have no
cassock, etc. ; I am in a sorry plight, and the others
are hardly less so.

Three winter cassocks,
3 pairs of winter hose.
3 lined cloaks.

3 summer cassocks; 3 pairs of winter and 3 of
summer breeches.

3 pairs of summer hose.

3 pairs of cloth breeches for winter.

6 pairs of breeches of black duck or strong linen.
12 hempen shirts, lined ;^ calico handkerchiefs;
Cap linings,

4 hats ; 3 hoods ; 3 pairs of mittens.
One Livre of black Wool.

Half a livre of black and other silk.
One Livre of fine white thread.

2 livres of black thread, i livre of twine for Nets.
3 Lines; 3 whip- [lashes?].

3 livres of coarse white thread.
6 pairs of Shoes,

3 pairs of double-soled slippers,
3 pieces of white thread galloon.
One thousand pins.

One Ream of good and strong paper, of large size.
One Ream of small-sized paper. 3 good razors,
with a whetstone,

3 sticks of Spanish wax. 3 half-double caps.

12 [small] towels and 6 [small] napkins.^

3 covered bowls for The sick,

12 pewter spoons, with knives and forks.

[illegible — 6 case-knives?] in 6 sheaths.

3 deep pewter basins with a narrow edge.
 6 plates.

3 tinned kettles with lids, and strong, to hold 6 pots

One Syringe ; one livre of Theriac ; ointment,
plasters, alum, vitriol, aniseed, medicines, and pastils.

One host- Iron, and shape for cutting the wafers.

50 livres of flour, in a Barrel. 3 Tin boxes.

One minot of Salt, In a Barrel.

A jar of oil.

A Barrel of 1 5 pots of vinegar.

30 livres of Sugar.

Rice, raisins, prunes.

25 pots of Spanish wine, In 2 kegs.

25 pots of brandy.

9 livres of pepper.

One Livre of nutmegs and cloves.

Six pairs of half-worsted hose.* [Material for
making] awnings as a protection against the gnats
that infest the mississipi.

One piece of strong sail-cloth.

One livre or 2 of cotton candle-wicking.

India ink and cotton [illegible],

A thousand nails, large, medium-sized, and small.

150 livres of powder.

50 livres of assorted shot, large and small.

30 livres of Bullets; [500 gun-flints].

Ten livres of vermilion.

Ten livres of large glass Beads — -black, white, and

Ten livres of small glass Beads — white, green,
and transparent.

One gross of large Clasp-knives, with horn handles.

One gross of round buckles, both large and medi-

One gross of small metal plates.^


Daniel Bosques said...

Can you please provide the definition/equivelent of: minot, livre, and gross... in reference to the above post? Thanks

Le Loup said...

I have no idea Daniel. I would google it for you, but I have run out of internet time & can't access any search.