Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Flintlock Fusil.


Martin said...

Hi Loup,

This one's another homerun! Do you have a standard "main charge" or does it depend on what you're going after (or what may be coming after you, if things go horribly wrong! Ha, ha) i.e. "Loaded for bear."?

Are there plans in the works for a video on the proper cleaning and maintaince of a firelock?

Keep 'em coming,


Dave Reid said...

What would be the effective "range" of a fusil be Keith? Stalking is a skill with any firearm I know but how close would an average person have to be to a target to be accurate with a flintlock? Dave

Le Loup said...

I just love the feedback and questions I get from you chaps, it gives me a chance to explain things that can take too much time on a video.
The charge I use all the time is 60 grains of 2FG gunpowder(black powder). I find this sufficient for all game, and it is an accurate load. When working up a load you are looking for optimum, that is one that has enough power, but is also accurate.
I will see what I can do re the cleaning/maintainance video. All depends on how long it takes because that affects the uploading time also.
With a smoothbore fusil or musket I would not shoot beyond 50 yards, though with large targets you may be able to extend that to 75 yards. My fusil only has a front bead like a shotgun, no rear sight. But one learns where to point.
If your eyesight is good enough a flintlock rifle is good for at least 100 yards. Longer shots have been accomplished, but much depends of course on the gun and the shooter.