Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Tomahawk and Its Weight.

Recently I have received several enquiries about the weight of a trade axe/tomahawk. I had not realised that some popular brands of “off the shelf” tomahawks weighed in at about 1 kilogram! Personally I think this weight for a tomahawk/belt axe is excessive.
My tomahawk head weighs 1 lb, and all up with the helve about 500 grams. Personally I would set the upper limit of 600 grams. Even my half-axe weighs in just under 1 kilogram.
As I said, this is my personal choice. If a person has uses for the tomahawk that requires a heavier head, then so be it, but I fail to see what this use could be in a normal woodsrunning situation. I use my tomahawk for: shelter construction, trap construction, hammering in shelter and trap stakes, throwing for recreation and it is good for self-defence and hunting if needs be. None of these chores require a tomahawk head heavier than 1 lb.
So if you are thinking of purchasing a tomahawk, think about what you are going to use it for. I do not use mine for cutting firewood, I have never had the need, but even if I did, my tomahawk would still be adequate. 
 This is the tomahawk I normally carry when in the woods.
 This is the tomahawk I made from a modern axe head. Both are the same weight, 500 grams with helve/haft.


Gorges Smythe said...

The trail is no place for unnecessary weight. You're wise to keep the hawk light.

Vieuxbois said...

Hi Keith,

Totally agree.
In my opinion, a lot of people just ''play'' with their tomahawks and their knives for only 2 hours or on a Sunday trek. They are dreams in their head and toys in their hands; not real daily tools they have and need to live with.
Most of the standard throwing tomahawks on the market nowadays are too heavy for a fighting purpose (who need them to fight?).
There is one real fight for us : reality against imagination. Weight on your back and in your arms is a good call to order.


Keith said...

We use ours for tomahawk fighting practice so they need to work. Also I have had to defend myself when camping. No rose tinted glasses on this boy!

Vieuxbois said...

Can you tell us the story Leloup ?

Keith said...

Not on a public forum my friend!
Regards, Keith.