Thursday, 27 September 2012

Found In Australia. Part Six.

"Steel" refers to the introduction of steel tools by the Macassans. These were highly prized, and traded locally along with tobacco down through the ancient trading routes along songlines which interconnected all the peoples of Australia (at least 500 language groups). This included the famous Pituri Trail (pituri being a native drug plant farmed in Central Australia from time out of memory). These trade routes would have even interlaced with those established by eel farmers in the south of Australia, who built canal systems in towns constructed from stone masonry.

 I found an axe in the Guyra museum not far from where I live. This axe was identical to one shown in "Firearms Traps & Tools of the Mountain Men" by Carl P. Russell.

This adze I found not far from where I live.

 This axe head I found buried in the forest where I live.

This axe head shape dates from the Medieval period through to the 19th century. I found this one buried not far from where I live.

A boarding axe like this one was recently found in Australia.

This auger I found in a second hand shop in Armidale NSW.


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