Friday, 25 May 2012

To all those interested in the ridiculous "Ammo Bill"...

Well..... just when we thought this stupid "Ammo Bill" could get no worse, we received a tip-off
that the Firearms Registry were in panic mode altering the Permits to Acquire forms as a result of an....errrr...
...."error" (?) in the drafting of the Bill. (See Borsak's Question without Notice, and the Police Minister's dismissive  reply below)
The Bill contains a provision whereby a Permit-to-Acquire ( PTA) can be used as evidence that you "intend" to purchase
a firearm, and therefore satisfies the proof needed to buy ammunition for that calibre/cartridge.
PTAs don't currently have any designated firearm listed, just the category.
So now, the clever people at the Registry, intend to require that you SPECIFY what you will buy !!!
Not one of these people has ever gone through the process of buying a firearm, particularly a new firearm,
in a firearms dealership with HUNDREDS of firearms on display.
The stupid "28 day" PTA bullshit is bad enough as it is. You MAY or may not have chosen a particular individual rifle,
but more often, you just know that you want a particular Category, but at the time you actually have your PTA,
you may well have missed the sale, changed your mind, seen a better deal, or otherwise be flexible as to what you will buy.
Then we have the second-hand market, and the various on-line sites that abound. In those cases, most shooters get the
PTA first, then take the 60 days available to hunt for a "deal".
Under what is now proposed, you will need to specify calibre and cartridge when you lodge the PTA.......
and if you change your mind, that means another $30, another PTA.... and probably another 28 days.
YOUR letters , and YOUR pressure on the marginal Liberals, and all the Nats, has definitely got the Government
into the "delay" mode.
Particularly now that Richard Torbay and Greg Piper have made it clear to the Government that they will "force" a
recording of the votes....thus exposing all the big-noting Nats that are.... errr... "threatening" to cross the floor".

So please..... if any of you 5,200 souls on this newsletter list, haven't yet emailed, phoned, or better
still...visited....your Local Member, please, please....

........do it NOW.

Robert Brown Robert.Brown@parliament.nsw.gov.au

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