Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Firearms amendment ( Ammunition Control) Bill 2012.

Dear Sir, I am contacting you to ask you to vote against The Firearms amendment ( Ammunition Control) Bill 2012. This will impact on legitimate gun owners in the country. This may also have further implications. By the wording of this bill it implies that registration is ownership. Does this mean that if anything happens to me that my family will no longer have control of our firearms?
This sort of legislation will have no effect on criminals, this is just another move to get votes & we legitimate gun owners are the ones to pay the price. You are surely smart enough to see that this sort of legislation will not stop gun crime. What is needed it heavier penalties for crimes committed, not more & more legislation that makes it harder & harder for legitimate gun owners.
Very sincerely, Keith H. Burgess.


This legislation if it goes through will mean that my wife, a licensed gun owner, will no longer be able to purchase ammunition without paying a $30.00 fee for a permit to purchase! This legislation implies that my wife no longer ownes her own gun, because I was the one to register it!!! Think about this, they are coming in the back door again! Please write your local member & ask them to vote against this legislation before it is too late, whether you are a gun owner or not.
Regards, Keith.

Here is the link to your local member: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/members.nsf/V3ListCurrentMembers


A traveller in time said...

Hi Keith,
Do you know if this is happening in the other states as well as NSW? I haven't seen anything up here.
I was ready to go and write a letter when I saw it was NSW legislation.
I agree with everything you said. Once again, honest legitimate gun owners are the ones being targeted.
I hope the SSAA is lobbying hard on this.
The Traveller

Conrad Hawkwood said...

good idea too many guns around as it is..

Le Loup said...

No idea Traveller, but I would imagine it is only a matter of time. I heard recently that the SSAA have dropped the ball & are not lobbying as much these days.
Regards, Keith.