Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Common Frock Versus The American Revolution Frock.

There are variations in frock styles, but the most common are the Shirt Frock 1680-1830, and the Hunting Frock 1770-1780.
These dates are not exact, the Shirt Frock started to appear Pre 17th Century and was still in use in the early 20th century in a Frocked form.
The Frilled Hunting Frock did not exist as far as I am able to tell before the American Revolution, and did not appear to be as popular as the European Shirt Frock, not is there any evidence that it remained in use for very long after the Revolution period.

The Common Shirt style Frock worn in Europe 1680-1830.

The American Revolution style Frock. Open fold over front, 1770-1780.

I welcome any more documented information on these Frocks.


Gorges Smythe said...

I've heard it said that the hunter's frock was left open so that the hunter could stash and carry things in the frock. It seems to me that it's the BELT that allows such storage and that a shirt-frock would be as good, or better, for such things.

Akiri said...

Very nice looking frock, I havent seen before. I love it :)

Le Loup said...

I agree Gorges, I thought the same thing. I have on occasion carried some trail food in the breast of my frock, much easier to contain than in an open frock front.

Thanks for the comment Akiri, good to hear from you.

Critter Otto said...

Is this made from the same basic pattern as the trade shirts?

Critter Otto said...

Is the pullover style made from the same basic trade shirt pattern?

Le Loup said...

Yes Critter Otto, this is made on the same pattern as the common 18th century shirt. Adjust length to suit.
Regards, Keith.