Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Clean Water. Make yourself some filter bags.

Providing you do not have any nasty chemicals in the water, A tight weave cotton or linen bag should suffice to clean dirty water. Just make sure you boil it after filtering.

I cary these three bags specifically for filtering dirty water. Two of them are used together; one inside the other for very murky water.

Even my kettle bag could be used to filter water.

Food bags can be used to filter water.

A kettle can be used to collect rainwater or carry water from its source. It is also needed to boil water to purify it. Scoop the water up in the bag/s and run the water through the bag into the kettle. Don't forget to top up your water bottle once the boiled water has cooled down.

Always carry a water bottle with you. You can't always be sure to find water when you need it. When you find water, you need something to carry it in. Always top up your water bottle at every opportunity.


Gorges Smythe said...

Water is one thing that many people short themselves on.

Le Loup said...

I agree Gorges. I have read on many forums that to carry a water bottle with you is cheating or makes you a wuss. This because they recon that real woodsmen did not carry water bottles. They may be right, maybe some did not carry water with them, some did not carry an oilcloth either, & some died too. Death is very authentic.
Regards, Keith.

Fimbulmyrk said...

Great post, Keith (again!). My father, who was a water supplies engineer, taught me to set small river stones, a layer of milled charcoal and fine sand inside one of those filters in addition to the filter. I will try it out again sometime soon... I was seven years old when we did that the last time...

Thanks a lot for that post, you reminded me of a good time I had!

Le Loup said...

There is a very good article on "Safe Water" at:

This is our group's forum.
Regards, Keith.