Thursday, 5 January 2012

Woods Lore. About Australian Snakes.

I was out picking Lemon Balm this afternoon and came across an Eastern Brown snake. Fortunately he went away from me, as I have found most snakes will when they can. The majority of people that get bitten do so when trying to catch or kill a snake, or because they trod on one. We used to get a lot of King Brown snakes in our house in the Territory, even found one in our child's cot when I went to lay him down one day!
NEVER step over a log or downed tree if you can't see what is on the other side. Mostly you won't be able to see the other side close to the tree. Go around the tree/log or step up on the log/tree and stop & look before your next step.
Mostly we get Eastern Brown snakes and Red Bellied Black snakes around here, but we did have a Tiger Snake kill one of our dogs some years ago. Mostly a snake will move away from you if it senses you are near, but if you are hunting or stalking and walking quietly, then you may get closer to a snake than you want to!
Learn to identify the snakes common to your area. Learn first aid. Always carry bandages when in the bush. Look where you are walking and sitting.

This video below is the best one I have come across so far.


Dave Reid said...

I timely reminder Keith and an excellent video. We get a few more tigers around here. They deserve a lot of respect (still scare me). The log advice is excellent. Cheers Dave

Bob Mc said...

The only venomous snake where I live and play is the rattle snake. You have a bunch of them; 10 of the world's most deadly.

Le Loup said...

I think that snakes are facinating to watch, but personally I don't like having them about, especially in the vegie garden!!!
I would rather take on ferral dogs or wild boar or even a charging buffalo (and I have, all three more than once) than a snake or venomous spider. You can plainly see larger animals and you have an even chance. But with snakes & spiders you often don't see them till you are on them or they are on you.
I know that snake experts will argue against this belief. They say the snake is as scared of us as we are of them. But the fact is they ARE unpredictable in MY experience & all things considered I consider them more of a danger in the bush than most animals other than man.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Keith
Good to post a video like this.
Basically it explains why to not interfere with snakes.
People ask me what "to do about" Snakes.
My advice is always do not try to kill a snake, as that's when most people get bitten.

Le Loup said...

Denis, thank you for your feedback and input, much appreciated.

Moreninha76 said...

Always better to leave any venomous snake alone, and in Australia this is even more true, with some of the most venomous snakes in the world like the death adder