Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ring Brooches For The 18th Century.

Jason said...

"I am curious to know where you found an original 18th century brass blanket pin like this. There are certainly tons of silver shirt buckles.... There arent any surviving examples that are hefty enough to be used to secure a blanket though. Shirt buckles were relatively small and delicate in comparison".

These images below are all originals, but copies are available. They range in size from 2cm to 2 inches or more. They were made from iron, brass and silver. The Ring Brooch was popular from the medieval period right through to the 18th century, and they are still used today on kilts.
Remember what I have told you before, early items can be used later, but later items can't be used earlier.

Sorry this original is fuzzy, but I could not get a large image of it. It is in fact one and a half inches wide, the same size and type as my copy below.

A broken original the same size as those above.

A 17th century Ring Brooch.

This one titled an original Fur Trade Brooch.

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