Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gettysburg 150th attendance. The American Civil War.

Dear All

Please pass this on to any whom may  be interested. I have set up an email list for planning for Gettysburg 150th attendance.

The list is open to any reenactor, military or not, from any group, any side. Non-reenactors who are attending are also welcome if they are interested.

The list is designed to help us all stay in touch about what Australians might do in the US and at the reenactment.

It is NOT an indication of definite attendance. Join up if you are at all interested and hoping to get there if you win Lotto.

It is NOT about coordinating Australians as a group - it is designed for us to discuss who we are hooking up with, where we might all meet up after the battle for a beer, who might like to travel somewhere before or after, help with finding a unit, help with kit, accommodation, etc.

The details of the email group are here:

This is a reenactment of the war where Americans fought Americans in the 19th century. The North fought the South.
The photos below are original photos taken during the civil war.

I have heard it said that some Americans are still very passionate about who won & who lost.


Gorges Smythe said...

The South was legally right, but morally wrong. The North often brutilized the southern civilians, while the South usually did not return that "favor." Most of the modern passion is found in the southern states, and I fully understand why, even though my ancestors fought for the North.

Le Loup said...

Thanks for the feedback Gorges. I don't think I have ever fully understood the reason for that war.

Jenny said...

I have heard it said that some Americans are still very passionate about who won & who lost.

You might say that. :)