Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Primitive Skills DVD Coming. Preview of Making Moccasins 1 of 10.

The pattern making part is yet to be made. My son Kaelem is working as data wrangler on another movie at present, so I can't use him as camera man! I will shoot the intro today, & maybe my wife & I can get the pattern making done on the weekend on our own [no one on camera!].

Here is part one. Once I started this filming, I found there was a lot more information to explain than I realised before hand. This is often the case when teaching such skills. I tend to take a lot for granted still, and don't realise until I get into it just how much is involved. Most of the videos I make because of requests, & some I have thought pointless until I start work on it. I get so used to doing things that I find them quite simple, and fail to realise that even small things can be quite hard or difficult to understand for beginners.

Fitting a flint in the lock of a gun is a typical example, I have fitted more than a few over the last 20 odd years & took the skill for granted. Such a simple process, and yet the comments I got back proved that others had not completely mastered this task. So my videos tend to be long and because of loading times I tend to split them up into parts. I would rather they were longer & more work and make sure I include as much information as possible.

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