Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ranging, Pathfinding, Bushcraft & Survival Notes: What “X” do you recommend?

Ranging, Pathfinding, Bushcraft & Survival Notes: What “X” do you recommend?


Bob Mc said...

Exactly! A few years ago I was out hunting and came across a local Indian neighbor and his son. They had a deer down, and the boy was going to gut it. He asked his father for his knife, and guess what the father took out of his pocket. A folding knife with a 2 inch blade; exactly like the one in my pocket right now. Bowie knives are for fighting. You can dress out anything from a squirrel to a bear with a good sharp pocket knife.

Le Loup said...

Bob, your story reminds me of when I was a young lad in England, out hunting wood pigeons for food. I came across this old polish chap prowling the hedge rows. He told me a story of his poaching days as a lad in Poland. He was nearly caught one time in winter by a land owner on horseback. The man shot at him as he ran off, but the horse stumbled. When he got home he noticed a hole in his leather coat. The round ball was trapped in the coat lining in a part of the coat which had been flapping free as he ran.
But what was just as interesting to me, was the gun he was carrying. It was a bolt action, military of some type. WW1 or WW2 perhaps. The breach he had gouged out somehow to take .410 cartridges. The gouge marks were clearly visible.

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