Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lady Of The Woods. Mad Ann Bailey.

As some of you will know I have a particular interest in promoting women in Historical Trekking. Woodsmen are dressed for woods travel, but the average 18th century woman is not, despite claims to the contrary by women who trek in all woman attire, I still think the men's clothing and the Indian women's clothing is better suited.
I don't know if the term woodswomen or woods women was ever used in the 18th century, but I use this term, or woodsrunner, to denote a woman who is at home in the woods, as much at home as a woodsman. I think Mrs Pentry and Mad Ann Bailey were such women, and I have no doubt that there were others that we simply have not heard about yet.
Up until now I have been really stuck for finding images of these women, but now finally I can introduce you to a lovely young lady who actually interprets the life style of Ann Bailey. In real life this lady is known as Suzanne, and I would like to introduce Suzanne to you in the following images. I hope that these images will encourage other women to take on the persona of a woodswoman.

Suzanne, thank you so much for allowing me to use your photos, very much appreciated.
Regards, your Friend, Le Loup.


grimbo said...

thanks keith..

DwarvenChef said...

Outstanding, as my wife would say, "Good for her" :) I'm with ya on getting women out and about.

Murphyfish said...

Hey Le Loup,
Good to see women getting involved as well as the men. Thing is though, Suzanne don't look that mad!
Best regards,

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

That is a fantastic story about mad Anne. I had never heard about her. I have of course heard about the other Anne, Shotgun Annie Oakley.

Mad Anne Bailey said...

Greetings my dear LeLoup,

The post rider was much remiss in his delivery of your note to me. Quite unaware were we of the lovely sketchin's of ourselves which ye have shared amongst good friends. We are flattered and receive your compliments most graciously. Our travels have been most difficult of late, filled with raids, siege and attacks of the red hearted savages. Fortune continues to smile upon us and we remain unscathed, though we know not how.
We continue to write our adventures http://madannebailey.blogspot.com/in high hope others may join into the fray, for we remain always in need of a steady hand, keen eye and ration of powder.
Once more thank you my friend, your regards are much appreciated.
Your humble servant,

Le Loup said...

Good to hear from you again Anne. The post rider we have now is not as good as the one we had years ago, but the mail usually gets through sooner or later unless the creek is flooded.
Regards, your friend, Le Loup.