Monday, 7 June 2010

Dr R.A.F. Gilbert.

Recently another close friend of mine died, Dr R.A.F. Gilbert of Stirlingshire Scotland UK. Rob's son John visited me here in Australia some years ago, only to return home and drown in a fishing accident. Rob was a retired doctor and after serving a lifetime as a doctor in the Royal Airforce in WW2 and in private practice in Camelon, Falkirk, he invested his time in the hobby he loved, history and collecting. Rob collected mainly antique Scottish pistols but had an interest in all things 18th century, and was a great help to me whilst writing my latest book. His home like my family home was built in the 18th century, and was the scene of a skirmish between British redcoats and a group of Jacobites. The walls of Rob's house still have Brown Bess balls buried in them.
Not long before Rob died he sent me a little package, he had more to send, but sadly died before he could accomplish that task. Below are some items from Rob's home, "Sunnybrea House".

The clay pipe bowl and the flint from a tinderbox Rob found in his garden, which was another hobby of his. The nails Rob pulled from the timbers of Sunnybrea House.
Not a lot to remember Rob by, but then like all my other lost friends Rob was a very special person, and I am not likely to forget about him or them ever. Rob was by the way related to the legendary Rob Roy.

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