Friday, 12 April 2013

A Voyage to Georgia; Begun The 15th of October, 1735. Part 2.

Begun the 15th of October, 1735.
            To the Mothers, Wives, Sisters, or Children of such Men, for one Year, that is to say, to every Person of the Age of 12 Years, and upwards, the following Allowance:
260 lib. of Beef or Pork
104 lib. of Rice,
104 lib. of Indian Corn, or Pease,
104 lib. of Flower,

52 Quarts of Molasses, for brewing Beer,            

16 lib. of Cheese,
12 lib. of Butter,
8 oz. of Spice,
12 lib. of Sugar,
4 Gallons of Vinegar,
24 lib. of Salt,
6 Quarts of Lamp-Oil,
Half a Pound of Spun-Cotton, and
12 lib. of Soap.
            For every Person above the Age of Seven, and under the Age of Twelve, half the said Allowance; being esteemed half an Head.
            And for every Person above the Age of Two, and under the Age of Seven, one Third of the said Allowance; being esteemed one Third of an Head.
            The Trustees pay their Passage from England to Georgia; and in the Voyage they will have in every Week four Beef Days, two Pork Days, and one Fish Day; and their Allowance served out daily as follows:
On the Four Beef Days.
Four Pounds of Beef for every Mess of 5 Heads,
And two Pounds and a half of Flower,
And half a Pound of Suet, or Plumbs.

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