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A V O Y A G E TO G E O R G I A Begun in the Year 1735. Part 3.

On the Two Pork Days.

Five Pounds of Pork, and

Two Pints and an half of Pease.

And on the Fifth Day.

Two Pounds and an half of Fish,
and half a Pound of Butter,
And allow each Head seven Pounds of Bread,
Of fourteen Ounces to the Pounds, by the Week.
And three Pints of Beer, and two Quarts of
Water (whereof one of the Quarts for drinking, and the other for Dressing the Ship-Provisions) each Head, by the Day for the Space of a Month; and a gallon of Water (whereof two Quarts for drinking, and the other two for dressing the Ship-Provisions) each Head, by the Day after, during their Voyage.
            The said Persons are to enter into the following Covenants before their Embarkation, viz.
            That they will repair on Board such Ship as shall be provided for carrying them to the Province of Georgia; and during the Voyage will quietly, soberly and obediently demean themselves, and go to such Place in the said Province of Georgia, and there obey all such Orders as shall be given for the better settling, establishing, and governing the said Colony.
            That for the first twelve Months from landing in the said Province of Georgia, they will

Begun the 15th of October, 1735.

work and labour in clearing their Lands, making Habitations and necessary Defences, and in all other Works for the common Good and publick Weal of the said Colony; at such Times, in such Manner, and according to such Plan and Directions as shall be given.
            And that they, from and after the Expiration of the said last-mentioned twelve Months, will, during the two succeeding Years, abide, settle, and inhabit in the said Province of Georgia, and cultivate the Lands which shall be to them and their Heirs Male severally allotted and given, by all such Ways and Means, as according to their several Abilities and Skills they shall be best able and capable.
            And such persons are to be settled in the said Colony, either in new Towns, or new Villages.
            Those in the Towns will have each of them a Lot 60 Feet in Front, and 90 Feet in Depth, whereon they are to build an House, and as much Land in the Country, as in the whole shall make up fifty Acres.
            Those in the Villages will have each of them a Lot of 50 Acres, which is to lye all together, and they are to build their house upon it.
            All Lots are granted in Tail Male, and descend to the Heirs Male of their Bodies for ever.  And in case of Failure of Heirs Male, to revert to the Trust, to be granted again to such Persons, as the Common-Council of the Trustees shall think most for the Advantage of the Colony; and they will have a special Regard to the Daughters of Freeholders who have made Improvements on their Lots, not already provided for, by having married, or marrying persons in Possessions, or entitled to Lands in the Province of Georgia, in Possession, or Remainder.

A Voyage to Georgia;

            All Lots are to be preserved separate and undivided, and cannot be united, in order to keep up a Number of Men equal to the Number of Lots; for the better Defence and Support of the Colony.

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