Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Voyage to Georgia; Begun The 15th of October, 1735.

The Trustees for establishing the Colony of GEORGIA in America,
ordered a new Town to be built in that Colony, and an Embarkation
to be made for that Purpose.  They were pleased to appoint me to
be Keeper of the Stores.
            The following Rules were given for the Embarkation, viz.

Rules for the Year 1735.
The Trustees intend this Year to lay out a County, and build a new
Town in Georgia.
            They will give to such Persons as they send upon the Charity, 

To every Man, A Watch-Coat,
                           A Musket and Bayonet,
                           An Hatchet,
                           An Hammer,
                           An Hand-saw,
                           A shod Shovel or Spade,
                           A broad Hoe,
                           A narrow Hoe,
                           A Gimlet,
                           A drawing Knife,
                           An Iron Pot, and a pair of Pot-hooks,
                           A Frying-pan,
And a publick Grindstone to each Ward or Village.
            Each working Man will have for his Maintenance in the Colony for one Year,
312 lib. of Beef or Pork,
104 lib. of Rice,
1043 lib. of Indian Corn, or Pease,
104 lib. of Flower,
            1 Pint of Strong-beer a Day to a Man when he works, and not otherwise,
52 quarts of Molasses for brewing Beer,

16 lib. of Cheese,

12 lib of Butter,
8 oz. of Spice,
12 lib. of Sugar,
4 Gallons of Vinegar,
24 lib. of Salt,
12 Quarts of Lamp-Oil, and
1 lib. of Spun-Cotton,
12 lib. of Soap.


Cincinnatus said...

Thanks for posting. A good source to give you an idea of what an indentured servant might have have had to start a new life!

Sara Seydak said...

And today we complain about the food served on an airplane.... :) We have it so easy!