Sunday, 24 July 2011

Southern Cross Free Trappers. Newsletter Vol 32.

If you are interested in recieving the Southern Cross Free Trappers newsletter, go here & sign up:

This group is based in Victoria Australia. This is a family oriented group that organise social events.


Clari┼┐se said...

I appreciate the ladies in the first pics: They don't put anything on, just behaving natural, like really 18th century people. Same goes for the man. I like all the pictures, but you know, the above 'pretty' kind of people mostly tend to pose affected in living history -- vanity instead of true history. These people are different -- I love them! Thanks for these good, refreshing and encouraging examples!

Le Loup said...

You are most welcome, & thank you for the feedback.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Keith,
Great Pictures over there! :-D

I thought maybe you would enjoy some pictures of our Fort's "French and Indian War" encampantment here in Historical Youngstown New york (the States)
It was a grand gathering!
Come on over and visit my posting, Blessings Linnie

PS I really enjoy your Blog ;-D

Le Loup said...

Thank you Linnie, I will visit your blog this instant.

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Keith,
Thanks for visiting, and the honor of recognition and posting my link! You are welcome to use my Fort picture on your post that links to mine. (all the pictures are my own) ;-D
Once again thanks! And I really enjoy your blog! I visit it OFTEN receiving GREAT info. (I have shared it with many of my re-enacting friends....many whom are in the pictures at this event)!
These people take this stuff very....VERY seriously) As well as my self.
I am so fortunate to live on a Native American encampment and battlefield (a sneeze away from Old Fort Niagara) yielding us many artifacts such as manipulated flint for tools, musket balls, coins and buttons...and more.

Many Blessings to Ya, Linnie