Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Promoting Living History In Australia.


Dave Reid said...

Keith I did a little SEO check on the diary and discovered that you have a Google rank of 4. in comparison I have a Google rank of 0.

According to Google your publishing and promotion of information and resources is apparent and beneficial to the re-enactment community in general and hence cyber-woodsmen like me.

Wolfy said...


Thanks for the comments on Outdoor Blogger Network. While we don't (currently) have a "historical" category, I'd love to have tyour blog included in our offerings under "General Outdoors". I think you write posts that are appealing to everyone who is an outdoorsman.

If interested, just go to OBN and register - I'll make sure you are included


Le Loup said...

Thanks Dave! I did not know that could be done. I must admit that #4 does not sound as if it ranks very high! But I am pleased to know that I may be having some influence.
I have been promoting living history in Australia for roughly 20 years, and although I have heard from the odd individual thanking me for introducing them to living history, and finding a group for them close to home, I have never heard from any groups or organisations.
It is not so much that I crave a pat on the back, though that would be nice of course, but without any feedback, one never knows whether or not all that time and effort that was put into writing for magazines etc was worth the while.
I hope it was, because I find living history a lot of fun, and I would like to think that in some small way I have been responsible for families and individuals having just as much fun as I have.
Thanks again Dave (I must have needed to ramble & share!).

Le Loup said...

Would be glad to Wolfy, thank you.