Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Pirates Wanted.

If you are into the early 18th century & interested in pirating, then I suggest you contact this crew. You don't have to live locally & attend all their meetings, you can join & attend the events in various places that you are able to get to. To me this looks like a grand crew to be a member of. Please contact Mr Donald Ridenbaugh at the address at the bottom of this post.

The Crew of the Scavenger is looking for new members to swell our ranks. Though we are based in Florida, membership is open to anyone willing and able to travel to festivals and events with us. Apart from attending events from time to time, we have a yearly road trip to open air living history locations, like Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Saint Mary's City, and the like. We also will begin hosting our first living history pirate encampment this coming January, with the first one being located on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are a living history pirate crew dedicated to as accurate a representation of the sea rovers of the golden age of piracy as possible. We use archaeological evidence, illustrations, paintings, and texts, created during the period to inform our impressions. Particular attention is paid to the 1710's, when possible. We even have authenticity guidelines and a list of vendors that sell accurate clothing for our time period, to make assembling your kit even easier.

If you love the age of sail, digging through 300 year old documents for evidence for an impression, if you like period camping, boating, overturning peoples misconceptions about history, educating, or just like drinking on a beach in authentic garb and talking about history, get in touch with us.
Also, if you'd rather talk in person, feel free to meet up with us at our encampment at the upcoming Saint Augustine Pirate Gathering, in November, where you can meet the whole crew, and talk pirate stuff over a drink or two.

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