Thursday, 14 July 2016

Two Great Books To Read To Children Of All Ages.

Do you read to your children or Grandchildren? The following books are great for children of all ages, I read these to my three sons.

The Matchlock Gun By Walter D. Edmonds.
In 1756, New York State was still a British colony, and the French and the Indians were constant threats to Edward and his family. When his father was called away to watch for a raid from the north, only Edward was left to protect Mama and little Trudy. His father had shown him how to use the huge matchlock gun, an old Spanish gun that was twice as long as he was, but would Edward be able to handle it if trouble actually came? This classic, first published in 1941, has an updated, kid-friendly format that includes the original black-and-white illustrations.

Winter Danger By William O'Steel.
Caje's taciturn father has raised him to be a woodsy, always on the move, hunting and trading, trying to stay alive. Jared Amos adamantly believes that neither he nor his son should be beholden to anyone, ever. When they're forced by the worst Tennessee winter on record to stay with Caje'saunt and uncle, the boy is excited to have the opportunity of being warm and safe, well-fed, and on a farm. His father can only bear it for a short time before abandoning his son in the middle of one harsh winter night. There are plenty of exciting scenes involving Indians, bears, hungry wolves and a panther, illness and starvation due to the unusual weather. Caje eventually realizes that he belongs with this family; being beholden just means that he'll be able to return the favour eventually.

Look these books up on the net, plenty of copies for sale.

The Matchlock Gun PDF.


Martin said...

Hello Keith,

I'll be sure to check those out! Thanks for the recommendations. One of my favorite books when I was growing up was "The Bears Of Blue River" by Charles Major. It's the story of young pioneer Balser Brent and his family & friends in the newly formed State of Indiana in the 1820's. The story of "The Fire Bear", in particular, will capture the imagination of any young reader who is interested in the frontier!

All The Best,

Martin Meltzer

Keith H. Burgess said...

I will look that one up Martin, thank you.
Regards, Keith.

J Barlow said...

Great suggestions, I've never heard of these books. Some others I would recommend are:

Lost In The Barrens - Farley Mowat
The Curse Of The Viking Grave - Farley Mowat
Hatchet - Gary Paulsen
Brian's Winter- Gary Paulsen
The River- Gary Paulsen
Brian's Return- Gary Paulsen
The Sign Of The Beaver - Elizabeth George Speare
Winter Camp - Kirkpatrick Hill

Keith H. Burgess said...

Thank you for the recommendations J.,appreciated.
Regards, Keith.