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Guns & Ammunition. The Old Bailey Records.

Guns & Ammunition. The Old Bailey Records.
 he caused a Ladder to be fetched, and a Blunderbuss charged with Peas, being Fired in at the Grate under the Arch, the dread of a further Harm, induced them to more calmness. However, they continued to declare, they would rather dye in the place, than be Executed at Tyburn,
Ordinary's Account, 15th July 1689.
And upon that, did (that is, one of them) shoot him with a Brass-Piece or Blunderbuss, and lodged seven or eight Bullets in his Body. 
Ordinary's Account, 7th February 1705.
 and purchas'd 2 Pistols and a half Blunderbuss, which was all the Arms he ever used on the High way, although Jo-s carried along with him (also) a sharp Knife, and sometimes a Dagger. 
Ordinary's Account, 26th July 1731.
 a Guard thereto, as soon as the Passengers had been plundered, discharged a Blunderbuss, and shot W - in the Hip with a Slug, and graz'd him under the Eye with another; upon which Fluellin set Spurs to his Horse, and riding up to him, shot him Dead upon the spot, and then gallopp'd off.
Ordinary's Account, 8th November 1738.

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