Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cooking Utensils For Wilderness Living.

Cooking Utensils For Wilderness Living.
Now there is no doubt that a variety of cooking utensils are useful, but are they really necessary? When you are carrying everything on your back, weight and bulk is a concern, because you need to priorities. The items of major importance for me are: water, gunpowder, lead, and food. So let’s take a look at what is available to you for cooking that will satisfy all your needs.
I carry food in bags inside my kettle which site sideways into my knapsack and sits squarely in the middle of my back, which is a comfortable feeling!!! 

I chose to carry a trade kettle because to me it is the most versatile piece of equipment. I can use it as a bucket for carrying water or berries; I can boil water for purification or for a hot drink. It will cook stews nicely and boil dry foods. If I want to cook bread I can do it on a hot rock or in the ashes. If I want to roast meat I can put it on a stick in front of the fire. I do not need to fry my foods so I do not need a skillet or a frying pan. This saves me a lot of weight and bulk.

I also carry a tin cup, so if I am cooking a meal in my kettle, I can still get myself a hot drink by boiling the water in my tin cup. There is evidence of this being done in the 18th century, as the remains of tin cups have been found with replacement wire handles, the original handles being soldered on having fallen off in the heat of the fire. 
The pot hook I make from a piece of wood easily enough with my clasp knife, so there is nothing else I need to carry. My wooden spoon and my hunting knife serve as eating utensils.
Take care on the trail.


Gorges Smythe said...

The closest thing to your kettle that I've seen around here is a stainless milk bucket. Obviously, that wouldn't be authentic for re-enacting, but I guess it would work for others.

A Guyra Girl said...

Interesting list, Keith. Where did you source your kettle from?

Keith H. Burgess said...

I got the kettle from overseas Guyra Girl, but there is a dealer here in Australia now that may be able to supply. Mopoke Stock & Trade.
Regards, Keith.