Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Needle Making.

Author's Housewife or sewing kit. Contains needles, pins, linen thread, beeswax, animal sinew, & spare horn buttons.

The book on needlemaking can be found here: http://www.shirebooks.co.uk/store/Needlemaking_9780852635636


Jenny said...

Very cool!

Where are the pictures from?

Also, do you find yourself regularly using your sewing kit, or has it been more of a just-in-case thing?

Le Loup said...

Sorry Jenny, my bad! I had forgotten to post the links! I have gone back & added the links. Thank you for the reminder!

I did tear a weskit one time & had to repair it. The time when it was most useful though was when I accidently put a hole in my oilcloth! It was an old one, & rather ripe from the lindseed oil. I was able to sew the tear & seal it with beeswax.

Without the sewing kit I could have used the awl & thread made from cording bark, & I could have sealed it with tree sap if I could find some, but the sewing kit makes it easier.
Longer term I would need to repair & make moccasins, but I carry a spare pair with me. An alternative to carrying spare moccasins is to carry a pair of leather inner soles. If you get a hole in the sole, just slip the inner sole inside. It will get you through until you can make a repair.