Monday, 4 April 2011

Taking Things Too Far!!! No More Gunpowder!!!

--- In alhf_members@yahoogroups.com, Keith Burgess wrote:

 *The consequences for this stupid piece of legislation are far reaching.

 It might be worse than that, p9 of the Regulatory Impact Statement threatens:
"the harmonisation of explosives legislation across Australia by the Australasian Forum of Explosives Regulators which reports to WRMC.
This project aims to develop and implement a common set of r requirements for explosives-related licensing, authorisation, competencies, security and transport. The Intergovernmental Agreement
for Regulatory and Operational Reform in Occupational Health and Safety states that:
`the primary role of the WRMC … is to work cooperatively to harmonise OHS legislation by 2011 or earlier if agreed by COAG'

Looks like we may have the same fight nationally soon. It is apparently "to address persistent security concerns in relation to the potential for the intentional misuse of explosives by terrorists"

This is an Email reply from a member of the ALHF (Australian Living History Federation). The government in all it's wisdom (NOT) has decided to make it compulsory for anyone wanting to purchase sporting grade muzzle-loader black powder, to have a blasters permit & a commercial standard gun powder magazine situated away from the suburbs!!!
Basically this means that most of us will no longer be able to purchase black powder for our guns. What is the likely results of this stupid piece of legislation?
1) The bad guys only have one place to go to get all the black powder they need, and they will know where to find it.
2) Most people will not be able to purchase black powder anymore.
3) People will start stockpiling without a magazine.
4) This will produce a black market in gunpowder & there will be no control over its suitability for use in muzzleloading guns.
5) People will be forced to start making their own gunpowder if they wish to continue using their flintlock guns.
6) Sales in black powder & muzzle-loading guns will drop drastically.
No doubt you can think of a lot more!  And what about smokeless gun powder? Or are Terrorists not allowed to use smokeless!!!
This just does not make sense. I suggest all you Aussies start writing to your local members ASAP if you wish to keep using your guns. This was bound to come, this is what happens when you let the government ban certain guns. The wedge is in a little deeper now.


Bob Mc said...

Looks like you'll be down to bows and arrows pretty soon.

Le Loup said...

Could be Bob, but there is also a ban on cross bows & take-down bows!

Bob Mc said...

Holy smokes! How about sling shots?

Karl said...

It's Starting again... Slowly but surely they will dismantle the ability of the common man to provide for his kith and kin... all to be replaced by the glorious collective... and why? Because there is a general apathy in the community... At least in Queensland we have pre-emtive self defence laws but this new development on Black Powder is of great concern...