Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Gunpowder Threat. Who To Contact.

The address to send submissions to is

The Manager
Legislative and Regulatory Branch
Worksafe Victoria
GPO Box 4306
Vic 3000

This is a precursor for the " National Harmonized Explosive Laws" that are currently in the pipeline for 2013 . What is decided in Victoria, will not only affect Victorians, visitors into Victoria, but will impact on all states.
The more submissions, the better, from as many different groups and states as possible.

I suggest you also contact your local member.

To whom it may concern

Sheer disappointment was my first response when having read the Draft RI that Black Propellant Powder Shooters have been completely ignored in the consultation process used to create this draft RIS.

Black Propellant Shooting Powders have been classed as 1.1D Blasting Explosives. These powders are specifically used as shooting powders only as the name suggests. In accordance with the draft RIS, all black powder shooters and re-enactors will be required to obtain a blasting explosive licence to store and use their propellants in the pursuit of the sport or interest. The maximum amount they will be able to store will be 5kg as proposed. This amount penalizes them as most of these shooters would hold /store in excess of this proposed quantity. There are 8 grades of these shooting powders of which most users would possess. They are only supplied in 1Kg compliant containers so to continue shooting as they do they would need to either relinquish some of their firearms or move to a large magazine storage facility. Hence there is the potential for in excess of 2200 large scalestorage facilities to be built.

The number quoted has been gleaned from the memberships of Black Powder Shooting Clubs here in Victoria along with members of the Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria, The Victorian Amateur Pistol Association that use Black Propellant Shooting Powders and re-enacting groups. There are still individuals who possess and use these firearms for hunting purposes and arenot connected with any of the abovementioned groups or organizations so one can only calculate with any confidence a minimum number. Some of the above Clubs organize and run multiply day shoots or rendezvous where an average of 1pound, 1/2KG of powder would be expended in their pursuit of their sport or interest per day. Hence the participants would not have sufficient quantities to be able to participate for the duration of the event due to the now proposed storage quantities and proposed transportable quantities. A majority of the firearms used by the above are ONLY designed for Black Propellant Shooting Powders. Most black powder shooting clubs are only accredited for use of Black Propellant Shooting powders. With the restrictive supply due to the transportation restrictions in the availability of compliant transport companies, transportable quantities and point of supply availability, there future becomes very unsure.

One can see that we the Black Powder shooter have been completely ignored and have been severely penalized with this draft document. A simple solution to this unfortunate situation that has been created is to move all the Black Propellant Shooting Powders into the propellant class

1.3C or creating a sub-category that has the same requirements and storage quantities as the 1.3C classified explosives. With the adoption of the above proposal, this would have a minimal disruptive effect upon each member and our respective clubs. We hope you will view these suggestions in a positive way.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely.

This is a precursor for the “National Harmonized Explosive Laws" that are currently in the pipeline for 2013. What is decided in Victoria, will not only affect Victorians, visitors into Victoria, but will impact on all states.

As I understand it this legislation will effect all states in Australia in the future, and basically the end product is that sporting black powder gunpowder will no longer be available in Australia. The restrictions on storage will mean that Australian dealers will no longer be able to store black powder & therefore will not be able to supply it to customers. This will be the death of our Armidale group & many others. I founded this group in Armidale over 20 years ago.

I trust you will do all you can to help us & all other black powder gun clubs, historical re-enactment clubs, & living history clubs & groups in Australia. The consequences of this legislation are far reaching beyond the closure of these clubs & groups.


Keith H. Burgess.

New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760.


Hutch said...

Very nice, Keith. I hope enough of y'all are writing letters. Good luck!

Le Loup said...

Yes I think people are writing letters Hutch. More importantly the Associations are getting into it which I think will do far more good than individual letters.