Friday, 19 November 2010

Sashes & Garters.

These are actually for sale. The sashes are woven from pure wool, and the sword straps and bag straps are of cotton and copies of originals which can be seen in the "Encyclopedia Of The American Revolution". These straps and sashes do of course pre date the revolution period.
My wife does the weaving, and I do the beading.

Beaded French & Indian War period sashes. These are once around and tied with the fringe as per originals, and vary in length from roughly 6 feet to a little longer. 

These are later 18th century to 19th century sashes worn by Coureur De Bois and are 2 metres 700 in length.

Early to mid 18th century garters. Please note that it was not traditional to wear matching garters and sash.

Straps for cartridge boxes, swords and bags and pouches.

Same as above only narrower.

Unfinished sashes. The fringe is not corded or beaded and is left as is for anyone who wants a less expensive sash and wants to do the finishing themselves. These can of course also be used for bag straps.

All straps and sashes are loom woven.


Gorges Smythe said...

Beautiful work, I'm sure they won't stay around very long!

Le Loup said...

Well if they don't sell Gorges I will have my pick of the sashes, which will be the black one, and a pick of the straps for a gun strap. Some I will hang in my study because they are beautiful to look at, and the rest will become presents. In fact xmas is not far away now, so that is something to think about.
Thanks Gorges.

Martin said...

Beautiful! How much (in U.S.$) are you asking? I was particularly interested in the 5th picture, 6th from the left.

Any luck on the book yet?


Le Loup said...

The green & black bag strap. I think the Australian dollar is up there with the US dollar at present. That one is $35.00AU plus P&P.
The book is in the works, but to publish on the net we have to re-format it apparently, and that is where we are at at present.
If all goes well, I will publish my other book the same way.

Cassius Spears Jr. said...

Are you still selling these?

Keith H. Burgess said...

Hello Cassius. Yes, there are still some sashes left. We could not be bothered to travel all the way to Rendezvous in Victoria just to sell these & only stay for a day.
Regards, Keith.