Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pauline's Pirates & Privateers. Tools Of The Trade: The Buccaneers Gun

This post I have copied from the following blog that I have just started following:
A good post and a good read. Go to the blog to read more.

They name the musket their gun and have used it with great ingenuity to make up for their lack of resources.

Thus wrote Triple P’s house physician Alexander Exquemelin of the famous boucaniers of Tortuga. They were, said the Doctor in his eye-witness accounts, reliably efficient marksman who could be compared to “… the finest of the French Musketeers”. This is a statement not to be taken lightly when one considers the facts surrounding it. First, the flintlock musket, with its long barrel, smooth bore and uneven shot, is ungainly and ill suited to accuracy in the eyes of modern marksmen. Second, the French Musketeers had a reputation in their day comparable in many ways to modern special ops snipers.


Murphyfish said...

Ahoy Keith,
I'll be thanking ye for the heads up, an enjoyable new (to me) blog to follow me thinks.

Le Loup said...

Certainly worth following to see where it goes. One can't expect good posts from all blogs all the time, but I like the feel of this one. Let's face it, pirates and privateers is a pretty exciting subject.

Martin said...

Avast Thar Loup,

Just got my copy of a book I think you'd like, "Defending the Backcountry: Recreating the Spies and Scouts of the Transappalachian Frontier" by William Rundorff. (Check him out at wrundorff@gforcecable.com. It runs $14.95 (US) plus shipping.)

The author has delved into the Revolutionary War soldier's applications for pensions in 1838, and has sifted through the ones who served as rangers, spies, and scouts. By doing so, he has reconstructed the relationship between the Continentals, the Militia, and the settlers. Although he concentrated on the ARW, the organization would hold true for earlier conflicts and later ones as well.

It's a good read, and should give plenty of inspiration for scenarios. The David Wright illustrations are top notch too!

All the best,


Le Loup said...

Thank you Martin, I will check it out.

Le Loup said...

Martin, no luck with the email googling. Do you have another link?

Martin said...

Hummmm...sorry 'bout that Loup. Try http://www.historicalenterprises.com,if that fails try:

Mr. William J. Rundorff
693 W. Pleasant Colony Drive
Aiken, SC 29803


I think that you'll find something to interest you on every page!


Le Loup said...

Thanks Martin.