Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Contents Of My Shot Pouch.

The Contents Of My Shot Pouch.

Some original shot pouches belonging to fusils and muskets have been found to be larger than those belonging to rifles. This is because fusils and muskets can fire round ball, swan shot, and small bird shot, which means that there is more to carry in the shot pouch of a smoothbore than there is in the pouch of a rifle. However, like clothing and other equipment and tools, it is personal choice that finally is the deciding factor.

My fusil shot pouch is not large; I do not like large bags of any kind that I have to carry on my shoulders. Items not often used reside in the bottom of this pouch, and items that are frequently needed are placed on top. One rarely looks into the shot pouch when loading the gun, each item is in a different container, and I know each container by feel. For fast reloading I do not use what is in the pouch at all, having a loading block hanging from the pouch strap for fast second shots.

Inside the strap:
1. Ball bag.
2. Swan shot bag.
3. Tool bag.
4. Wad container.
5. Greased patch material.
6. Bird shot container. 
 Attached to the finger woven strap:
1. Gunpowder measure of 60 grns.
2. Two turkey vent quills.
3. Vent pick and pan brush.
4. Loading block.
Next to pouch:                                                                                   
1. Lead ladle.
2. Tow for cleaning.
On the pouch:
1. Greased leather gun lock cover.
2. Leather thong for tying to the ramrod when pulling a load
3. .60 calibre round ball mould.
4. Gun flint wallet.


Dave Reid said...

Amazingly one appears to have had to be his/her own armourer. Being an old soldier and sporting shooter I can now appreciate the necessary equipment and skills required to maintain and operate a black powder weapon in the wild. Thanks Le Loup I found that fascinating.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Le Loup
Nice to hear from you.
Robertson is cool, not as cold as Armidale and district.
More like Dorrigo.
But south, just overlooking Wollongong.
Glad you like your Lizards.

Le Loup said...

Dave, glad you found it interesting, and thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.

Denis, thanks for dropping by.