Thursday, 11 March 2010

Haversack Pattern.

I searched for a haversack pattern but could not find one, so I have drawn this one on a piece of A4 paper. The straps can be leather or fabric. On leather straps you could also add a buckle for adjustment. For straps I usually get old waist belts from an op-shop, you can stitch two together for extra length. Where you stitch the straps on you may wish to reenforce the inside of the bag with a square of extra material or leather.

My haversack above was made from an old canvas riding coat. The flap has leather sewn around the edge to stop the fabric freying, and it has a three button closure. These buttons are pewter.
The strap is made of leather but it has no adjustment buckle.


Murphyfish said...

Le Loup,
Thank you for the pattern, not able to comment or input on folks blogs at the moment due to the dreaded W word.

Jimmy the Screwdriver said...


Glad to see your haversack. Do you know how to make your own canvas? Seems like weaving that type of cloth may be very difficult. I'm guessing that leather might be a better option if canvas scraps aren't available. Looks good! What do you usually carry with you on a week-long hiking trek?

Le Loup said...

Hi Jimmy (did you know that if this were the 18th century you would be known as "Jimmy the turn screw").
Yes I could weave my own canvas, in cotton or linen or even Rami. But it is a lot easier to buy it! It takes a long time because of the gauge of the thread.
Here is a list of what I carry on a long trip. With this equipment I can survive long term in the wilderness.

• .60 cal/20 gauge fusil. 42 inch barrel.
• Shot pouch and contents.
• Powder horn.
• Butcher knife.
• Clasp knife.
• Tomahawk.
• Tinderbox.
• Belt pouch.
• Fishing lines in brass container.
• Two snares.
• Gunpowder wallet (contains spare fungus tinder at present).
• Knapsack.
• Ball mould and swan shot mould.
• Lead ladle.
• Cup.
• Trade kettle.
• Medical pouch.
• Housewife.
• Piece of soap and a broken ivory comb.
• Dried foods in bags.
• Wooden spoon.
• Gun tools and spare springs.
• Compass.
• Whet stone.
• Oilcloth.
• One blanket (Monmouth cap, spare wool weskit and wool shirt rolled inside blanket).
• Leather costrel.