Thursday, 2 April 2009

Historical Trekking-Winter is almost here!

Well winter is almost here in New England, Australia, almost time for winter trekking and camping. Are there anymore Australian Historical Trekkers out there? If there are, then it is that time of year to be checking out your clothing and equipment, to make sure it is in good repair.
Maybe you made some notes last winter on needed repairs, or things to take out of your knapsack or snapsack? Or perhaps there were items that you did not have last winter that need to be added to your pack?
Check your blanket roll to make sure you have that extra winter clothing rolled up inside, mittens perhaps, though you may be wearing those on the trail. That gun barrel can get pretty cold in winter! How about the extra wool shirt and the extra weskit for wearing at night? The Monmouth hat too. You can lose a lot of heat through your head if it is not covered on a cold winters night. How about extra moccasins, any need for those? Or like me do carry leather in your knapsack for moccasin repairs, and only carry extra moccasins on long trips?
How about that trail food? How long has that been in your pack?! Might be a good time to feed it to the chooks, and get yourself some fresh dried foods.
Well it is getting cooler already, and soon I will be back on the wilderness trail and heading for Fox Valley. If anyone out there wants to join me, so we can sit around a camp fire and chat whilst sipping a hot drink after dinner, let me know. Regards, Keith.

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The Clerk said...

Thanks for your comments, Keith. Funny to hear your winter "is almost here" while our winter in the northern hemisphere is slowly loosening its grip.

Appreciate your information, too. I'll be following your adventures.

Your servant,
The Clerk