Saturday, 18 April 2009

18th Century Tomahawks.

Two of the Author's Tomahawks. His late Father's Hammer Poll tomahawk on top, and a round poll tomahawk below.


Anonymous said...

The one on top is really a polled axe with strapping--not a polled "tomahawk". The straps on the sides became popular around mid 1800's, not the 18th C.

The 2nd one is an obvious reproduction of a trade axe. Nobody calls these tomahawks unless they are 1 lb or less in weight to be carried on the belt easily.

Anonymous said...

Thats fine you disagree. Clearly you are not familiar with what a tomahawk is. On the other hand I am a professional tomahawk authenticator, have been a dealer in tomahawks for 20 years, collected axes from around the world for 30 years and am an advisor to major auction houses as well as film producers and the History Channel. And you?

Le Loup said...

There is little if any difference between tomahawks and axes, from what I have seen they are one and the same. My tomahawk/axe head weighs 1 LB exactly.

I have dated the top axe to the 18th century from images, but the longer hammer poll suggests that it may be earlier.

Le Loup said...

NWCTrader. I have done extensive research on tomahawks and [trade]axes. My credentials are well known by this blog's followers. The so called trade axe was and is a tomahawk, but there are many different styles alternately called axe and tomahawk. I did take a look at your blogger profile, but I note there is no information posted there. I welcome replies regardless of agreeing with me or not, I have learnt a lot from this blog's followers over the years, but I think your reply a little rude and think you do yourself no credit sir.

timothy smith said...

I woud say nwtrader has an ego that can be seen from outerspace.t very well may have been your grandfathers tomahawk he may have thoughtvofbit s such would not cared a damnewd for that pompus celibates opinion in ohio . I also say hes stealing credit forvstuff hevdid not do. I have served as a tomahawk consultant_to the history channel anda&e unlike mark i can proove it.
he fact your axe has langets iscveryinteresting as the only axes that typicallyvhave this feature are boarding axes it is said that this was done to protect the head from being loped off by a sword ma rkiif that was my dads belt ax tomahawk and you called it a lathing hatchet you would be waring between your eyes instantly nvsorry for that guy he h severego issues anyway nice axe i have some hammer poll boarding axes that are pretty similar tl yours la loup guy youvare a saint byvcallibg thisvguy a kittlevrude i think he is a flaming azzhole. Sorry. But simeone has to say it

timothy smith said...

Your dads axe would makeva lousy lathing hatchet. For startersit does not have the ptotrudingvbottom edge resultingving in a rectangularvblade about 2inches wide needed tovservevasba spacer between the lathing strip and the stud while plastering the lathing. Look at a rhousandlathing hatchets 999 of them willchave thevprotruding bottom bladf edge. Nail notchvor not. If i were armed with a one shot gun ivwould bebthrilled tovhave your dads axe tuckedvintovmy belt. As matter of fact when i go on lte night walksv tovthevstorebherevin dallasvi have absimilar axe tucked in my belt. Nwc trader hinks only indians used tomahawks thats because he is so white hevdoesnt get it i am part choctaw. And grew up playing with many cherokee and choctaw kids. So gottatell markvhe has lost his mind telling people they don't know what a tomahawk is n good god it ishis fantasy that people will not trust their own instincts and pay himctovtell them what a tomahawk is fear not nwctraders ego willvmake himvimplode not content with beingvinsulting andvrude to people one at a rime has taken to insulting thousandsvof people at a time

Jerry witherspoon said...

Hey Psycho Smith, have ya noticed ur the one who sounds arrogant, insulting and psycho? Lol, Get some mental health care tomahawk boy! Ur the only azzhole here. BTW, that is a British lathing hatchet. Even Le Loup admitted it later in some other forum.

Le Loup said...

Jerry speaks the truth, the top hatchet is in fact a lathing hatchet, & I found an exact match that was made in the 17th century. How good it would be at performing that task I cannot say, we had lathing in our 18th century family home, but I have never done any lathing.
Many thanks for your feedback my friends, much appreciated.
Regards, Keith.