Monday, 20 November 2017

Group Forum Moving to a New Site. Please sign up for membership.

As many of you may have realised by now our group forum was taken over by Tapatalk, since then I have had a lot of problems, & the HELP at tapatalk is non existent. SO, I checked with other members on this forum & we decided to move to another site.

There are years of information on this present site which we don't want to lose if we can help it, a lot of work has gone into this site by a lot of present members. If you are still interested in this group/forum, then please go to our new forum & sign up for membership http://neclhg.freeforums.net/ . Some of you have been made Moderators on this present forum, obviously you do not have to accept & if this is the case please let me know. I will need help transferring all the posts from this forum to the new forum, but I know this will not happen overnight, & some of you may simply not have the time to spare to help.

If individuals could copy & paste their own posts to the new forum, this would be very much appreciated. If you are unable to help. then the Moderators & myself will do the best we can. Please check out the new forum, it does not look the same as this one, but I hope that we will have less problems with it.
Regards, Keith.

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