Sunday, 19 March 2017

Havresack/Snapsack. More Images.

Jacques Lagniet (French, 1620–1672)
Tel fait la faute qu'un autre boit [One makes the mistake, another drinks it]
Etching bound in a collection of proverb etchings published by Lagniet, ca. 1660
Print Collection, Kennedy Fund.

French soldiers near the town of Grey in Franche Comte, during the Dutch War. 1690 after Van Der Meulen.

Sortie de la garnison de Gand, le 12 mars 1678.

By Vernet, 1754.

I have no info on this one but looks to be 17th century.

Travelers By The Well By Andries Booth, 1635-41.

Netherlands. 17th century. War-Scene By Sebastian-Vrancx.

Sebastian Vrancx - Plünderung eines Dorfes. 17th century Netherlands.

I find these images very interesting as they show the snapsack being used in conjunction with a backpack.
A Village Kermesse, Netherlands 17th century By Sebastian Vrancx.

Unknown artist 1745-46

Author's linen snapsack with the strap sewn to the bag at both ends. Closer is achieved using a leather tie.

The snapsack from what I can see in period paintings comes in a variety of sizes and the carry strap can either be sewn to the bag both ends, or it can be attached with some form of tie such as cordage or leather.

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