Friday, 17 March 2017

Banned from Facebook, can you please share this post on Facebook for me?

Yesterday I made a comment on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook regarding a video that I did not think was suitable. The group is a public group & to my mind the video was not within the aims of the group, which is to promote sensible gun ownership & laws & to try & explain to the average Australian citizen why it is that we need to own guns & hopefully show them that the present gun laws are not stopping crime & the continued war on law abiding licensed gun owners will not make the public safe. The person who posted the video did not take kindly to my comment & got personal & rude.

Now I am not saying that this person has reported my membership in retaliation, this may be nothing to do with me being struck off Facebook. However, I am now unable to continue posting on Facebook & that also means that I am no longer able to manage the 18th century Living History group I started. If someone could please post this blog link to Facebook I would very much appreciate it, I hate to think that people may think I am ignoring their comments & requests for membership.
Thank you.
Regards, Keith H. Burgess.


Gorges Smythe said...

Did so.

Keith H. Burgess said...

Thanks Gorges, much appreciated.
Regards, Keith.

Sara Seydak said...

WTF??? How did this happen???
I have been banned from posting for 3 days, specially after trying to upload videos that had copy rights, but I never heard of banned from FB entirely...
How many days ago was this?
I had noticed 1 person less on my friends list.
Send me a message on my blog, please, I will not post it.

Strong-Oak said...

Keith, this is absolutely absurd! So they are banning people for politics now? You're a kind man and I've always seen you act with temperance rather than negativity. I've learned a lot from you. You've never met me, but it's true that you are a big part of Native Americans rediscovering their heritage. You deserve an award,not a ban.

John Toa said...

Hey Keith,
it's me John Kanaka from Germany. I was really worried about you as I just get that something happened to you. I am really glad you are fine!

How can we help you getting back into facebook and your goup(s). I will send you an eMail so you have mine. I am looking foreward to help you as much as possible. Just send me an eMail.

All the best, John

Keith H. Burgess said...

Good to hear from you Strong-Oak, & many thanks for your kind words.
Sincere regards, Keith.

Keith H. Burgess said...

John Kanaka. Good to hear from you John. I can't find your email mate. Not to worry. They are not going to let me back on Facebook no matter what you do, & I am tired of jumping through their cooked up hoops.
Sincere regards, Keith.