Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Polypore Fungus Tinder for Flint & Steel Fire Lighting & Fire Bow.

This is really just an update to previous posts I have made concerning these Bracket Fungus. These first 3 images of Laetiporus Portentosus, also known as White Punk, were taken this past Monday afternoon in the forest in the Armidale/Guyra area of New England NSW. Mostly found on Stringybark trees here, but they will grow on other trees. This one was found within reach of my hand being about 7 feet off the ground.
I have not seen this type of bracket fungus growing in the tropics, but that does not mean that it does not exist there.
 Once charred directly in the fire it makes excellent tinder for flint & steel fire lighting, it can also be used in the Fire-Bow process & for carrying fire.
Similar fungus known as Piptoporus & Ryvardenia serve the same purpose & all look very much alike. The image is more important than the name, just remember what it looks like.

The following images are of this Bracket Fungus that I have found in the past. These fungus very often grow high in trees & to collect them you will need to throw a stick or rock to bring them down, but after rain, this fungus soaks up the water & becomes too heavy to hang on the tree & falls to the ground. Many are found on the ground.
This fungus is eaten by a fungus beetle, & the resulting dust will catch a spark without having to char the fungus in the fire.

A close up of the damage done by the fungus beetle, & a close up of the beetle itself (a lot of fun trying to get a good photo of this tiny beetle !!!)

Laetiporus Portentosus Map.

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