Monday, 24 February 2014

All Arms Training Weekend.

Adrien Rousset
24 February 19:29
31st May- 1st June 2014
Ballarat Pollocrosse Grounds Vic

You can view photos of previous events at: www.dtroop15thhussars.com

Please pass this onto your groups, friends and potential recruits! Our apologies if you get this more than once, it is impossible to know who belongs to what web group! Interstaters and ALL periods welcome!

This will be a great weekend and the aim of it is for everyone to try everything. I know that you may be an ACW reenactor, Napoleonic reenactor or a Colonial reenactor but above all you are a REENACTOR. We all enjoy our great hobby because of the same reasons and have FUN, it does not matter what uniform you wear. We don’t expect you to join another period or even have the kit but just to have a go! This is a closed event, so no public and above all no authenticity police, kit is best effort! It’s about having a go; lots of loan kit will be available.

Imagine how great it will be to get 50-60 people on the field at the same time! So bring along all your spare kit and let’s see what we can really do when we all work together. So please: DO everything, bring an open mind, bring a sense of humor and bring all your spare kit!

There will be a small trader’s row so bring cash too!! We will also set up a Bring and Buy table if you want to bring kit to sell; just put a label on it with your name and price on and put the item on the Bring-and-Buy table.


PROBLEMS: Call Adrien Rousset on 0447476860

FRIDAY ARRIVALS: Before 1300hrs please call: Wayne Rigg on 0439577151

MEALS: Meals provided: Saturday: Lunch and Dinner. Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch. Tea and Coffee all day both days. Please bring your own crockery, cutlery and cups/tankards.

POWDER: There will be no time to roll cartridges so please bring LOTS! We will have TWO battles per day and lots of drill and fire manoeuvres so expect to fire 60-80 per day!! This is up to you to do; if you don’t bring it you can’t fire it! A Safety Brief will be given on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

EVENING EVENTS: OK prepare to have a party! Drinks will be available (for a donation) and several social activities will be available, Cards, Dice and Dancing! I will be teaching a “Period” Drinking Dice game for those brave enough!! Again HAVE A GO! If you play an instrument; bring it along!

FIRES: No fire pits! A barrel and firewood will be provided and lit for those who wish to stand outside, but the indoor area is heated.

HORSES: Horses from other groups are welcome by prior arrangement. Please contact Adrien on the details below. The site is a Pollocrosse Ground so plenty of Horse facilities and yards are available! Don’t forget to bring a modern Helmet for the initial drill session.

PROGRAM: This is VERY tight; so please be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. If we have to wait for you, everyone misses out! I can’t stress enough please DO EVERYTHING!


08.00am Arrive & set up camp etc.

10.00am Unit NCO’s brief meeting - Napoleonic Kit.

10.15am Parade, brief welcome & unit safety procedure checks.

10.30am Individual units drill, also combining with cavalry.

11.30am Morning Tea (provided) - Water Horses

11.50am Art, Inf, Cav Round Robin Training EVERYONE

11.50am Drill French - 20 min Including Square vs. Cav

12.10pm Drill English - 20 min Including Square vs. Cav

12.30pm Drill ACW - 20 min

12.50pm Cavalry - 20 min

1.10pm Groups Split - Skirmish Drill - Artillery - 30 min ea.

2.10pm Lunch (provided)

3.10pm Napoleonic Battle.

4.10pm Afternoon Tea (provided) - change into ACW kit

4.50pm ACW Battle

5.50pm Debrief (ALL). Flag lowering party.

6.05pm Clean weapons / Horses, Showers Change etc

6.50pm Dinner (provided)

7.50pm Socialising/entertainment. Dance - Cards - Dice - Song - Mess Games


8.00 - 9.00am Breakfast (provided) in Napoleonic gear, NCO brief.

9.15am Parade, flag raising

9.30am Individual units drill

10.30am Battle, Type TBC.

11.30am Morning Tea (provided) - Change into ACW Kit - Water Horses

12.15pm Battle, Type TBC.

1.15pm Lunch (provided) - Debrief and feedback.

2.00pm Pack up, clean weapons & depart.

The event will be fully catered at a wonderful location (maps sent out closer to the event) that boasts plenty of room for each group to do its own thing, a large indoor heated area with kitchen and bar, camping, flushing toilets and HOT SHOWERS! There is plenty of room for camping and room for those who wish to throw a swag down in the indoor area (after the evening party!). Camping will be available from Friday (midday) until Sunday night.

A contribution of $30 will be requested from each person attending (including fence sitters) to cover venue hire and food (under 10s will be free). Each attendee is required to have Insurance and this will need to be shown, i.e. ALHF card or other proof.

Prepayment is necessary to calculate catering and MUST be made prior to the 20th May. Payment can be by:

Cheque made payable to: “D Troop 15th Hussars Vic” and sent to:

The Adjutant, D Troop 15th Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars), 32 Young
Street, Linton, Victoria 3360

Or bank Payment (stating your name and “All Arms Training “) to:

Bank: ANZ
Accnt Name: 15th Hussars (Vic) Inc
Accnt No.: 200794271
BSB: 013030

Contact person: Adrien Rousset, adrienrousset@googlemail.com 0447476860


Adrien Rousset

D Troop 15th Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
Honorary Colonel-in-Chief: Bernard Cornwell
Sponsored by "The Cavalry Workshop"
Part of the World Wide Cooperative of 15th Hussar Units
www.15thhussars.com www.dtroop15thhussars.com

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