Wednesday, 12 February 2014

18th Century Tinder Box Types.

A wood tinder box showing the damper on the left for smothering the smouldering tinder, and a lid.

My brass tinder box which is a copy of an original. Those tinder boxes which are smaller and shallow I assume were for carrying on the person, either in a pocket or pouch. Though we can't say for sure that larger tinder boxes were not carried beyond the home.

My brass tinder box opened, showing the tinder inside.

A Dutch tinder box made from wood with a carved design and a sliding lid.

This is a Russian tinder box which appears to have a ceramic inlay to the hinged lid.

Four small tinder boxes with hinged lids.

This tinder box is dated 1734.

A wood tinder box with a sliding draw dated 1761. Wood tinder boxes were typically used in the home.

A brass Russian tinder box found in a shipwreck. Dated 1714.

This tinder box reminds me of a period spectacle case, and it may have been so. What is important is that it has been used as a tinder box. 

My copy of a candle holder tinder box. Again a clumsy shape to carry in a pouch or pocket and typically a style used in the home.

The same tinder box with a beeswax candle.


Grampa Glover said...

Great content as always, Keith! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

This is fascinating!

I can't quite make out the scale in the top wooden what. Can you give us a rough idea of the dimensions?

(PS - seeing you a lot in print lately! Well done!)

Keith H. Burgess said...

Thank you Grampa Glover, you are most welcome.
Regards, Keith.

Keith H. Burgess said...

Good to hear from you again Jenny, I was wondering how you were getting on.
I would guess this wooden tinder box is about 6 & a quarter inches long not including the handle. About 3 inches wide, inside measurements. # inch chambers would seem about right to me, but I am only guessing.